Core Values

Every decision we make is aligned with our core values, it is our responsibility to our clients, peers, and partners. Each of member of our team — from top leadership to entry-level is accountable for making the right decisions by asking a simple question: does this decision reflect our values?

Start With Why

Everything we do is intentional and strategic for the success of our clients and our team.

How We Live It

From the smallest micro communications to the largest projects, we have a "why" for every action. When making any decision, strategizing for a client, or speaking with a team member - we always have a data-backed reason for our actions.

Live and Work With Passion

A passion gives us a reason to keep learning and to work toward mastery.

How We Live It

We should strive to spend our time doing the things that are fulfilling with all of the effort and passion we can possibly give. Are you doing something every day that you'd do for free, just because you enjoy it?

Everything, Plus a Little More

Every time we start a task. We take a step back to see how we can over-deliver and push boundaries.

How We Live It

We use our unique skill sets and experiences to elevate every scenario. This helps us continue to overdeliver to our clients and our teammates, and ultimately it helps us evolve at a faster rate because we're adding new ideas with every interaction.

Always Create For Humans First

At the end of every user experience, is not just a user, it's a human being.

How We Live It

Understanding how buyers interact with people and businesses has become essential to modern marketing success. We embrace this philosophy in everything Luminary 2 does, from the products we create for our clients, all the way down to the individual ads that are served to the end-user. Humans are our universal target audience.

Help Others Achieve Goals

If we focus our time genuinely helping others achieve goals, as a result, we too will achieve ours.

How We Live It

Every team member adopts this mindset in relation to our peers, our clients, and even other vendors that also help our clients. We offer our help with authenticity and transparency for the greater good of the people we interact with. Through our hard work and relationships, we can uplift and empower the people around us no matter their relationship with Luminary 2.

Relentlessly Pursue Growth

As an agency, we're here to help our clients and team grow.

How We Live It

At Luminary 2 we understand everything starts with our talented team and having a growth mindset should be a part of your daily habits. We are learning growing beings. We pursue growth in knowledge and education, our client's success metrics, and ultimately Luminary 2's overall success.