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Luminary 2 Huddle is designed to make collaborating and managing your website easier. With Visual Support Tickets, training, and communication all in one place, Luminary 2 Huddle can help launch and manage your website in an efficient and intuitive way.

Projects: Feedback and Support Tickets

Use the projects section to access your website and collaborate during your website build. After launch, Visual Support Tickets can be added and managed as an efficient and super easy alternative to old-school email support.

Groups: Updates and Communication

Invite your team members to communicate in your groups and receive updates about major website functionality updates, new content, capabilities, and other information relevant to your Luminary 2 account!

Courses: Learn How to DIY

Luminary 2 can strategize and do all of the workload needed to make your website and digital marketing best-in-class. If you feel inspired and want to learn how to build your own sites, we offer training on many of our tools so you can be pro marketers too!

Earn Ḷumo: Actions Earn Rewards

We love to reward users for upskilling and collaborating, it's fun and it makes your projects much stronger! Get rewarded for interacting with L2 Huddle, taking courses, and inviting your team to collaborate. Spend your Luminary 2 digital currency "Ḷumo" in our shop and buy some cool Luminary 2 merchandise.


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