We Exist

To create digital products that better our end users lives.


Nick Askew

CEO + Founder

Nick is a visionary with an expert automotive background who consistently innovates to new levels with product development, customer experience, and marketing strategy for our clients, as well as fulfilling careers for our talented team.


Jeric Griffin

VP of Marketing Services

Jeric brings his talents of leading, analyzing, optimizing, and strategizing to L2, ensuring our clients' marketing strategies keep them ahead of their competition, all with wildly exceptional customer service from our team.


Taylor Bartholomew

VP of Product

Taylor is an expert in product development and management, refining L2's internal processes and ensuring that all internal and external products and projects are completed on time and to perfection.


Karen Muscutt


Karen is the financial guru at L2 who consistently innovates to find new ways to make finances easier and more convenient for our clients and for us.


Kyle Rosin

Lead Developer

Kyle has the unique ability to take a vision of what a website should look like and how it should function, and then create it from scratch using an efficient approach that always exceeds expectations.


Gray Clark

SEO Specialist

Gray is a mechanic and engineer with deep automotive roots who brings that unique combination of expertise to our website services team to continuously improve the SEO value and UX of our clients' digital presence.


Sean Kennedy

SEO Manager

Sean brings a combination of encyclopedic knowledge and wisdom as it relates to SEO to ensure our clients’ organic digital presence never stops growing.


Alex Herndon

Client Success Manager

Alex puts our clients’ success first and works quickly and effectively with a constant smile while consistently creating strategies to help them meet their business goals.


Alexia Platenburg

Associate Product Marketing Manager

Alexia is a high-level problem-solver who manages projects for our clients to ensure they are completed on time while providing excellent customer service along the way.

anne claire

Anne Claire Smith

Pro Marketer

Anne Claire puts our clients and their success at the top of her priority list, bringing her always-positive attitude and incredible work ethic to every task she takes on.

2020 Employee of the Year


Ashlan Fiester

Website Services Pro

Ashlan is an elite copywriter who translated that talent into a full suite of SEO knowledge to provide a human-first approach and organic search value to all content created for our clients.

Danica Staples

Danica Staples

Pro Marketer

Danica's go-getter attitude, tireless work ethic, and always positive demeanor make her a perfect fit for this elite customer service role.


Danni Maibaum


Danni is an elite photographer who makes all of the incredible L2 imagery possible with a unique sense of humor during her frequent trips across the pond.

Kyle Gage

Kyle Gage

Sales Representative

Kyle's has a background at the automotive dealership ground level and a refined ability to match new clients with exactly what they need.

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Luminary 2 Values

Every decision we make is aligned with our core values, it is our responsibility to our clients, peers, and partners. Each of member of our team — from top leadership to entry-level is accountable for making the right decisions by asking a simple question: does this decision reflect our values?

Group 15

Start With Why

From the smallest micro communications to the largest projects, we have a "why" for every action. When making any decision, strategizing for a client, or speaking with a team member - we always have a data-backed reason for our actions.

Live and Work With Passion

A passion gives us a reason to keep learning and to work toward mastery. We should strive to spend our time doing the things that are fulfilling with all of the effort and passion we can possibly give. Are you doing something every day that you'd do for free, just because you enjoy it?

Everything, Plus a Little More

We use our unique skill sets and experiences to elevate every scenario. This helps us continue to overdeliver to our clients and our teammates, and ultimately it helps us evolve at a faster rate because we're adding new ideas with every interaction.

Always Create For Humans First

At the end of every user experience, is not just a user, it's a human being. Understanding how buyers interact with people and businesses has become essential to modern marketing success. We embrace this philosophy in everything Luminary 2 does, from the products we create for our clients, all the way down to the individual ads that are served to the end-user. Humans are our universal target audience.

Help Others Achieve Goals

If we focus our time genuinely helping others achieve goals, as a result, we too will achieve ours. Every team member adopts this mindset in relation to our peers, our clients, and even other vendors that also help our clients. We offer our help with authenticity and transparency for the greater good of the people we interact with. Through our hard work and relationships, we can uplift and empower the people around us no matter their relationship with Luminary 2.

Relentlessly Pursue Growth

At Luminary 2 we understand everything starts with our talented team and having a growth mindset should be a part of your daily habits. We are learning growing beings. We pursue growth in knowledge and education, our client's success metrics, and ultimately Luminary 2's overall success.