Spend Less and Sell More Cars

Track every marketing partner (including us 😉), understand and optimize every marketing dollar spent for your business, and efficiently reach your audience through automations that reduce wasted ad spend.

Get To Know Every Shopper

Follow every step of your shopper's journey, from beginning to end to better engage and personalize their experience.

Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

Integrate the data from shopper website behavior with ad platforms to push segment-based marketing.

Integrate Third Party Vendors

Unveil the hidden data behind third-party conversion tools and connect all the dots behind the shopper journey.

Automate Engagement

Engage new customers and re-engage cold leads with dynamic, automated emails, multi-platform call tracking, and more.

Drive Your Dealership Forward

Our FUSE service provides next-level data that helps you see what matters to your business and achieving your goals. You see exactly what you're getting from every dollar you spend (or don't spend) and how it affects your bottom line.

View Your Complete Customer Journey

Luminary 2 fuses directly to your existing sources and organizes customer data and online and offline interactions, ready for ultra-relevant marketing automation.

Customer Name

Activity Timeline

Attribution across all marketing platforms

Finally, understand your marketing ROI and optimize your entire strategy across all platforms based on what generates valuable business opportunities.

The right message
at the right time

Unify your customer's touchpoints across your site and build custom audiences to serve real-time personalized experiences across Search, Social, Email, and more.


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Custom Audiences

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